Wing-T Playbook

Buck Series                      
Buck Sweep             Trap             Waggle          Bucksweep Weak
Belly Series
Down         Down Sweep       Down Keep Pass          Down Option

Belly           Belly Sweep        Belly Keep Pass

Lead Series
Lead Sweep         Power          Wingback Counter        Halfback Counter       
Quick Pitch                 Wedge
Spread Wing Playbook                                   Jets and Rockets Playbook

6 Responses to Wing-T Playbook

  1. Craig Olson says:

    Hi Coach
    I am looking for your favorite screen out of double tight – wing T. I have used a sprint-out right, screen left to the half back in the past. Thanks!

  2. coachmetz says:

    Hey Coach,
    I was particularly fond of fullback screen, but out of our passing set. I find screens work best when defenses are thinking pass.
    I should have our fullback screen up soon.

  3. Dave says:

    Great stuff!! We are in our first year running the wing and we love it! We are looking to install a sprint out passing series. Do you have any recommendations as far as how to protect it? Full reach to sprint side? How do you deal with the edge? Any help is appreciated…thanks!

    • coachmetz says:

      I’ve run it several ways.
      1) with waggle blocking
      2) like you said, with a full reach
      a) with RB’s logging
      b) with TE hooking
      3) Using a shovel pass under the DE:
      a) If DE pushes upfield, shovel
      b) If DE sits, sprint out.
      You’re going to have to look at your personnel to make your choice. With small players vs a blue chip DE, you’ll want to shovel. If your waggle game is good, you’ll want to do it that way. vs teams that read your guards, reach. Don’t use all three in your playbook at once. You’ll want to do what you do well w/o diluting your practice time. How often are you going to run all 3? How many times will you call it in a game? Be efficient, and do what’s best for your team.
      Good luck, Metz

  4. Justin Burchette says:

    Coach what is your opinion on running a midline read option under the rocket toss?

    • coachmetz says:

      Anything that puts the defenders in conflict is something I’m fond of … that being said, while motion and shifts are fairly easy to install, a new play isn’t. Are you already using midline as part of your scheme? If yes, then the motion will really mess with the defense. Do you to install midline to give your rocket sweep a wrinkle, that’s a different story…
      While I like what rocket does for an offense, rocket has to be a motion and not the base of the offense. By that, I mean, if rocket sweep, trap and waggle are what you do, then adding rocket to your down series should be easy. But if you can’t run down with rocket motion because it obstructs some philosophical offensive belief, then you’re devoting too much credence to rocket.

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