Why the Wing-T?

Many people ask, “why do you run the wing-t?” I like to respond:
      1) Angle Blocking: This allows smaller linemen to be successful, simply because of physics. To ask a 200lb lineman to block a 240lbs defender head on is more than likely asking him to do the impossible. But by blocking at an angle, you can cut his force by as much as two thirds. So, this allows a smaller lineman to push the defender wide, which is what we’re looking for: width at the point of attack, not depth at the point of attack.     
       2) Misdirection: Misdirection, in the early days of football, was used as a means to achieve a big play. It was the equivalent of the forward pass. With constant misdirection and false keys the offense can throw at a defense, it makes it difficult for the defense to focus on one player. It is the ultimate in team play. Because the ball is spread out amongst several players, the other players have to block and fake in order to make their play work.     
        3) Rule Blocking: In my early days, when I taught the offensive linemen their assignments, I taught them which man they were getting. This changed every time we faced a new defense. Rather than having them block a specific person, rule blocking allows us to block an area. This simplifies things a bit because we will always get the man in our area, covering all our bases.     
        4) Defensive Conflict: The wing-t provides defensive conflict by using formations to outflank the defense. By attacking those flanks, defenders are forced to protect one assignment by making their other assignment vulnerable to a complementary play.     
      5) System: It is a system of offense which means that for every defensive action, the offense has a countering reaction. It is not a hodge podge or just a collection of plays.     
     6) It has withstood the test of time. The offense is still successful. Other systems have come and gone, but the wing-t is still here. It’s popularity and cult-like following have led to the National Wing-T Clinic. Name another offense that has it’s own clinic? Is there a National Option Clinic? Or a National West Coast Offense Clinic? Not to my knowledge.
These are just a few of the reasons I enjoy this offense so much. With the innovation of the hybrid wing-t, the wing-t will continue to enjoy success in the decades to come.

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