What is the Wing-T?

The wing-t is both a formation and a system of offense. 
As a formation, it refers to having a tight end and a wing back on one side of the formation.  The remaining two running backs are aligned at equal depth. It can have either a split end or a tight end on the other side of the formation. The tight end/wing back combination give it the “wing,” while the backs aligned at equal depth give it the “T.”
As a system of offense, if refers to a system that relies on certain principles, such as, but not limited to:
 1. The use of misdirection
 2. Angle blocking
3. Getting blocks in at the point of attack, out at the point of attack and through the point of attack.
4. Rule blocking; allowing a given play to be blocked vs any number of defensive looks.
5. Putting defenders with multiple assignments into conflict.
6. Relying on the threat of pass, through play action passing, to open up the running game.
Usually, when someone is referring to the Wing-t, they are referring the system and not the formation.

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