Welcome to Coach Metz’ Site. The purpose of this site is to learn about coaching football, specifically offensive football and even more specifically, Wing-T football! Why another wing-t site? Easy! Seeing that so many people have their own take on the offense, the variety that this offense has is endless. So, thank you for visiting and enjoy! — Marcelo Metzelar (Coach Metz)
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3 Responses to Football

  1. Rick stewart says:

    Great seeing you at national wing clinic in pittsburgh! I used to teach physics also!

  2. Trevor Bechtel says:

    Great info! I am a new Wing T disciple, of sorts. Trying to adapt principles and a few plays to our multiple I/spread offense. Do you have any videos of the Fullsweep, and Down series out of the Gun? Would love to see them in action. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.

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